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These are our modernised homemade township scones, made our way. Our customers have raved about their taste and fluffiness.


Unlike traditional English scones, these scones have a glaze on top, fluffy and with balanced sugar. These scones can be eaten without butter, jam or cream, all need to enjoy them is just a cup of coffee or tea.  




5L Bucket – R180

20L Bucket – R600

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Our breakfast and teatime platters consist of homemade traditional scones and muffins, which serve 12 to 14 people.

Option 1 - Scones

Traditional scones served with butter at – R220


Option 2 - Muffins

Cappuccino, Banana, Blueberry served with butter – R280

(Please note that all fruit muffins’ availability is subject to change due to seasonal changes)


Option 3 – Muffins and Scones

A variety of Scones and Muffins served with butter – R300


Cheese – R60

Jam – R30

Cream – R50


Prices are without delivery charge.

All orders must be placed at least 72 hours in advance to avoid disappointment



Although all our foods are homecooked, some of our products are sourced from various suppliers for fresh produced and top-quality ingredients and products, all our standard platters do not consist pork products. Pork is added at an extra cost upon request.


*All platters serve 12 to 14 people.

Option 1 – Sandwich

Our sandwich platters consist of various health breads (including white bread) with fillings such as: Cheese & Tomato; Chicken or Tuna Mayo; Beef & Cheese and Vegetarian at  – R300


Please see extras below.


Option 2 - Wraps

Our wraps are whole-wheat or multi-seeded wraps with fillings such as: Chicken or Tuna Mayo; Chicken, Beef and Vegetarian at  – R450


Please see extras below.


Option 3 – Meat

A variety of meats that is, chicken wings, drumsticks, beef and chicken sosaties, beef sausages, meatballs or frikkadels with barbeque or sweet and sour dipping sauces at  – R550


Please see extras below.


Option 4 – Pastry

A variety of pies, sausage rolls, samosas, spring rolls with barbeque or sweet and sour dipping sauces at - R450


Please see extras below.


Option 5 – Customised

Our mini burger platters consist of Beef, Chicken, Cheeses and Salads. - R650


Option 6 – Cheese

A variety of cheeses such as camembert, brie, cheddar, gouda, goat and other soft or firm cheese served with crackers, homemade fruit preserves, nuts and\or dried fruits – R350


Salmon – R150

Smoked Chicken – R100

Pork products – From R50

Chilies: on request – no extra charge

Specific bread or wrap type: on request – no extra charge


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Terms and Conditions

We charge a non-refundable service consultation fee of R600.


We require a deposit of 50% for all accepted quotations at least 5 days in advance.


Cancellation: the order may be cancelled at least 72 hours in advance for full refund, thereafter the cancellation will be at no refund or a refund of 25% may be applicable, depending on the type of event booked.  



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We cater for corporate and government events; family and\or friends’ gatherings.


If you would like us to cook or host you at your venue or just deliver, please fill in this form (here).


Event Catering and Management

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We deliver around Cape Town, the distance is calculated from Bellville.


R20 – less than15KM distance

R50 – 15KM to 20KM

R75 – From 23KM